A Bundle Of Unbridled Neuroses (album)

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HK-51 icon.png There is a time I would have thought as you do, but that time is over.
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The Idea

The original idea was to have an album sampling Phineas and Ferb, with an emphasis on Candace and her anxieties and general emotional instability (which is most of what makes the show funny). After many tracks were produced, the album became very long, and there were a significant number of tracks not involving Candace. Since there were still more ideas for tracks, and since July 11th[Candace's birthday] was not far away, it was decided that the album should be split into two parts and that non-Candace tracks would appear on a separate album.

A Bundle Of Unbridled Neuroses, Part 1
Studio album by Robots On Drugs
Officially Released July 11, 2015
Recorded 2013-2015
Bandcamp Official release on Bandcamp
Soundcloud Soundcloud Set
Direct download robotsondrugs.com
Robots On Drugs chronology

The Flesh Of Fallen Angels
A Bundle Of Unbridled Neuroses, Part 1
Destroy Us All
Animated chronology
A Bundle Of Unbridled Neuroses, Part 1
Destroy Us All

Part 1

Part 1 is the anxieties, frustrations, and overall craziness of Candace Flynn put into music form and turned up to 11. The tracks can stand out individually, but together, they tell a story - it is essentially fan fiction, but presented in a more abstract manner. Rather than a series of concrete events, it presents a progression (or regression, perhaps) though several of Candace's emotional and mental states.
Downfall and Candace Party were originally meant to be in this part, but because of time restraints and the work involved to make them suitable for an official release, reworks of both will appear in Part 2.

Track list for Part 1
No. TitleArtist Length
1. "You Must Be This Neurotic To Ride The Emotional Rollercoaster (v2)"  Robots On Drugs 8:48
2. "Here We Go (v1.1)"  Robots On Drugs 6:06
3. "That's The Idea (v2)"  Robots On Drugs 2:17
4. "Not Calming Down (v1.1)"  PPC 5:22
5. "A Bundle Of Unbridled Neuroses"  Robots On Drugs 5:45
6. "Who Is Candace? (v2)"  Robots On Drugs 9:14
7. "If Everyone Is Laughing At You, You Might As Well Join In"  Robots On Drugs 2:30
8. "Crazy"  Robots On Drugs 6:01
9. "error code 0x0ca2dace"  Robots On Drugs 8:19
Total length:

Part 2

A Bundle Of Unbridled Neuroses, Part 2 is scheduled to be released some time in 2016 (possibly July 9 or July 11), likely following Smile Never and Destroy Us All. Part 2 is a continuation of Part 1, but is planned to have some happy and fun tracks as well.

Part 3

A Bundle Of Remixed Neuroses is scheduled to be released some time after part 2 and will feature remixes, demos, and alternate versions of tracks from parts 1 and 2.