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The Robots On Drugs Documentation Project

Welcome to the Robots On Drugs Documentation Project! This documentation covers all aspects of Robots On Drugs and its side projects.
Explore the documentation using the links below or check out Robots On Drugs in other places on the web using the links in the sidebar to the left.

Music Projects

Robots On Drugs
The main project focusing on rhythmic and melodic noise.
Side project with less of a focus on sound design and melody, and more on pounding beats, often at a high tempo (180-300bpm).
The Lone Raver
Side project exploring an industrial/noisy side of hardcore techno.


Release History
A more detailed list of releases.
Track History
A detailed list of tracks, listed chronologically in the order of date published (independent of full releases).

Artist Notes

Rework Notes
Some notes on upcoming reworks.
Ideas for new tracks.
Planned Features
Upcoming features/content additions for the documentation itself.

Finished Releases

The first release.
Split Personality
Robots On Drugs was created and this release shows off what each project does.
The Flesh Of Fallen Angels
A collection of various tracks not created for any specific release, plus a rework of the title track and one of its remixes.
A Bundle Of Unbridled Neuroses, Part 1
The first release in the Animated series, inspired by and sampling Phineas and Ferb, focusing specifically on Candace.

Upcoming Releases

Destroy Us All / Smile Never
The second release in the Animated series, inspired by and sampling The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy.
Let The Madness Begin
The first full PPC album, inspired by and sampling Alice: Madness Returns.

Works In Progress

Normal (TBD)
Current stage: Production
Or Would You Prefer Your Lies? (Smile Never)
Current stage: Production
Smile Never (Smile Never)
Current stage: Planning and Pre-production

Featured track

Down To Earth