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Destroy Us All PPC remix

  • Something longer and more repetitive with the bass from the intro, add drums
  • Simpler, but different melody
  • No repeating vocal sample

Even The Woodland Creatures Are Calling For Murder

  • "I gotta kill him? 'Kill him' kill him? I gotta kill Zorak?" "I want revengeance, boy!"
  • Electro-y with bass joining the vox sample. Not sure if it should be a sidechain-type bass or not.
  • Probably best at 160 or 170bpm

A Nice Tall Glass Of Extreme Pain

  • Fast, hard powernoise
  • Main beat is a lightly distorted kick, maybe add a bass to go with it


  • Song (with actual lyrics and vocals) telling a story about Candace
  • Need to set up a good place to write down lyric ideas

Mandy's Theme

  • Waltz with a bass similar to Destroy Us All but less atmospheric and more distorted
  • Moderate tempo, maybe a little fast, 160-180bpm?

I'll Kill You

  • Straight pounding drum and maybe a hi-hat
  • At least 240bpm
  • Descending "chase" melody